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‘The Flow State is being so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter: Every action, movement and thought flows inevitably from the previous one. Your whole being is involved, you're using your skills to the utmost and the result is a feeling of spontaneous joy.’ - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Live2Flow is the concept of a man trapped in an unfulfilling career who decided to pursue a life of Flow.  This blog is documents the activities of a man who swapped a desk for the great outdoors, dedicating himself to better his personal performance in his chosen sports and to pursue his passion of coaching and training others; the objective is to literally Live2Flow.  This is not a selfish obsession, Live2Flow aims to take these experiences to others and through passionate coaching and guiding help them experience Flow for themselves.

Finally Ready for the Off

Out for a long paddle on Roadford Lake
Out for a long paddle on Roadford Lake A rare occasion when Team Live2Flow could paddle together on Chichester Canal As the weather improved the paddles became more pleasant Out of darkness into the light

I write this with the Dub already loaded for the trip up to Scotland tomorrow.  Roy and I head North to compete in the Great Glen Paddle this weekend so a long drive, careful last minute preparations and a very long paddle lay ahead.  We are nervous and excited in equal measure...

However, confidence can be taken in the knowledge that we have prepared for the challenge ahead.  Between us, Team Live2Flow have paddled over 1000 miles and spent a total of over 300 hours training since we commited to the event last November.  Our transformation has taken us from viewing 10 miles as a long paddle to completing 30 miles on a long paddle and seeing 10 miles as a 'short session'!!!  An insight into our time on the water can be seen in this short video of a typical training session.

Are we ready? We will find out on Saturday but we are certainly not short of focus and determination.  Paddling our slow but sturdy Pyranha Speeders and supported by Peak UK, we have given ourselves a great chance of achieving the full distance in the one day, but we cannot control the weather so are hoping the forces of nature are with us rather than against us.

Just to remind you, we want our efforts to contribute to something bigger than ourselves and have adopted Cancer Research UK as our charity.  We would be grateful for any donations, either in person or via our Just Giving page - it will be great if something good can come from our efforts.
Want to know more about the event and our equipment?  Check out my previous Great Glen Paddle blog that has more details of the challenge and our approach to it.
Curious about the sort of training we have been doing? You can follow Roy's training on Strava and mine on Strava and Garmin.
Want to know how we do in the event?  Frequent updates and images of our final preparations and the event itself can be found on the Live2Flow Facebook feed - just click 'Like' and the information will be fired directly into your Facebook News Feed.

Created on 17-Mar-2014 at 12:03