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‘The Flow State is being so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter: Every action, movement and thought flows inevitably from the previous one. Your whole being is involved, you're using your skills to the utmost and the result is a feeling of spontaneous joy.’ - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Live2Flow is the concept of a man trapped in an unfulfilling career who decided to pursue a life of Flow.  This blog is documents the activities of a man who swapped a desk for the great outdoors, dedicating himself to better his personal performance in his chosen sports and to pursue his passion of coaching and training others; the objective is to literally Live2Flow.  This is not a selfish obsession, Live2Flow aims to take these experiences to others and through passionate coaching and guiding help them experience Flow for themselves.

Sleeping Rough

The sun rises above the horizon and lights up my sheltered bivvy spot
The sun rises above the horizon and lights up my sheltered bivvy spot A rare opportunity to enjoy a sunrise It would not be civilised without a morning brew A better view of my bivvy set up

Isn’t it great when you finally get around to doing something you have been meaning to do for a long time?  With this thought I left a perfectly functional house to ride into my local hills and sleep there instead!!!

I bought an Alpkit bivvy bag some time ago with the intention of breaking away from traditional camping and trying a fast and light approach.  Plans had been postponed, cancelled and then forgotten until inspiration resurfaced with the emergence of the concept of bikepacking.  Before inertia set in the decision was made to pack a small rucksack with essentials and head up to Kingley Vale while the weather could still be considered summer like…


Arriving after dark it felt very strange to have so little equipment to set up; I had packed little more than sleeping and bivvy bag, camping mat, small stove, titanium mug and open mind.  Wrapped up in my sleeping bag I felt cosy but oddly vulnerable with my face exposed and half imagined waking to a deer licking my face!  However, with a clear view of the stars and almost complete silence I put these thoughts out of my mind and had no trouble getting to sleep.


After a restful sleep I awoke to light streaming through the natural canopy that had provided me shelter overnight.  Sunrise, a hot drink and then within minutes I was packed up and on my way.  Descending off the hills into the morning traffic I couldn’t help but feel a little smug - sometimes adventure is right on your doorstep waiting for you to access it.


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Created on 11-Oct-2013 at 17:09

On 13-Oct-2013 at 22:09, Simon@Live2Flow wrote:

Stella doesn't exactly count as 'fast & light' camping sustenance but perhaps a cheeky hip flask might make it onto future trips...

On 12-Oct-2013 at 15:38, Jim wrote:

Proper boys own adventure that but be honest now you must have sneaked a tinny or 2 of Stella into that bivvy bag?