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‘The Flow State is being so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter: Every action, movement and thought flows inevitably from the previous one. Your whole being is involved, you're using your skills to the utmost and the result is a feeling of spontaneous joy.’ - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Live2Flow is the concept of a man trapped in an unfulfilling career who decided to pursue a life of Flow.  This blog is documents the activities of a man who swapped a desk for the great outdoors, dedicating himself to better his personal performance in his chosen sports and to pursue his passion of coaching and training others; the objective is to literally Live2Flow.  This is not a selfish obsession, Live2Flow aims to take these experiences to others and through passionate coaching and guiding help them experience Flow for themselves.

Letting the Bike Take the Strain

Letting the bike take the strain only induces even bigger grins...
Letting the bike take the strain only induces even bigger grins... Fully loaded and ready for adventure, more on exact set up and kit in a future blog Waking up from a bivvy, always a great start to the day There is very little swinging and swaying as the loaded bike takes on the trails

I really enjoyed my first bike packing adventure last year and promised myself that I would plan more of these once I was settled on Dartmoor.  It has been a soggy winter but spring is here and the time is right, and I have been planning...

You see, although last year's improvised bike packing experiment was great, to be true to the spirit of bike packing is to let the bike take the strain.  So gone is the big rucksack and instead I have invested in a number of specialist Alpkit bike luggage products to carry my overnight equipment.  I have also changed bikes since the blog, and have what is now a bespoke modified Cannondale rigid 29er  I will post more details of my exact set up in a future blog but suffice to say that the changes feel like I have gone from 'best available tool' to 'right tool for the job'.

So, it was time for a field test of the new set up and with the weather making a turn for the better there was no time like the present.  Bags were stuffed, straps tensioned and buckles clicked then I found myself heading out onto the moors by night.

My ride out was glorious with a bright moon in a clear sky guiding my way.  Even offroad I was riding without the need for my bike lights.  It was to be the perfect night for it.

Arriving in silence at a sheltered clearing I decided that despite practising with my new tarp in the garden that afternoon, to put up my shelter would be to block my view of the stars.  So I simply lay out my Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag with my air mattress and sleeping bag and that was camp sorted. 

On my little stove I prepared a late supper, my favourite camp food cous cous enhanced with some fresh pepper and chorizo, and then a tea before settling down for a good night's sleep in my moonlit bedroom.  Did I mention how bright the night was?

It is always exciting to wake up in the middle of an adventure but there is definitely something special about waking from a bivvy, immediately immersed in your environment.  A warming hot chocolate whilst watching the sunlight slowly slide across the landscape and then I was up and packing.  In no time at all I had left no trace but tyre treads and was on the trail again.

A glorious morning for a ride in any circumstance, I had a fixed grin throughout my extended ride home.  I picked one of my favourite local rocky descent to test the various straps and buckles holding my overnight kit in place but the bike packing luggage simply shrugged off the jarring and vibration with ease.  I won't exagerate and say you don't notice the kit is there, but it is fair to say that it doesn't make the ride any less engaging or enjoyable.

I arrived home exhillarated and ready for more; bike packing will play a big part in this year's adventures...

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Created on 13-Mar-2014 at 11:50